Cables for Days

When the cable bug bites, it bites hard.

For most of February and all of March, I struggled with a lack of motivation to knit. I didn’t touch a set of knitting needles for weeks. Now that my desire to knit has finally reappeared, I’m faced with a different problem: an overabundance of ideas.

In the last week alone, I’ve cast on six different projects and have four or five half-written patterns sitting around. This is the one I’ve decided to focus on first:

A blue, heavily cabled wrap in progress and a mug decorated with wildflower imprints are balanced on a person's lap.
The beginnings of a new cabled wrap featured alongside my new favorite mug.

This wrap has been in my mind for a while and, at this point, has been through three different iterations. I frogged the latest one in mid-February, which I suspect contributed to my decline in motivation. With a long weekend at my disposal, I finally worked up the courage to pick it back up again. Today, I sat down and played around with a few different ideas and settled on what you see above. As of right now, the design is unnamed.

I’m not in a position to show off the other four cabled projects laying on a shelf in my yarn room (i.e., the guest bedroom that has been commandeered by my yarn stash), but I do have a sneak peak of my Woodlot Cowl to show off:

A close-up of the interlacing cables on a cowl knit in a soft, warm gray yarn.
A close-up of the cables on my Woodlot Cowl

The Woodlot Cowl is one of my partially written patterns laying around. It’s really close to being done, but fell victim to my loss of motivation at the end of February. Unfortunately, this means it will likely need to wait until fall to be released; now that the Northern Hemisphere (where most of my customers live) is headed into summer, not many people are likely to want to make a cowl.

If the two photos look similar, there’s a good reason. I fell in love with the cables used in Woodlot and have a few different designs planned using variations of it.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my new-found motivation will stick and that I’ll be able to sit still long enough to write the patterns. With the arrival of hot and humid weather in a month or two, chances are pretty good that I’ll be spending lots of time indoors in an attempt to hide from the sun.

Both projects above use a really lovely fingering weight Corriedale yarn from Knitcraft and Knittery. I’m utterly in love with this yarn and happy that I have even more stashed away.

Speaking of beautiful things, the mug featured in the first photo is from Idlewild Clay, who makes gorgeous pottery and buttons, amongst other things. The mug I bought from her is a much beloved addition to my collection of handmade mugs.

(Neither of the above are affiliate links – I just really love handmade items and supporting small businesses. Plus, both Morgan and Deirdre sell really beautiful, thoughtfully made things.)

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Designing knitting patterns is a tangible way to express myself. Each pattern is a reflection of part of my soul and contains bits of my joy, sadness, fears, and hopes. My heart belongs on the shores of Lake Superior and most of my pattern designs are inspired by life "Up North."

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