Hi there, I’m Kristin!

I’m the designer behind Lakebound Knits. My heart belongs on the shores of Lake Superior and most of my pattern designs are inspired by life “Up North,” even if I am currently (somewhat reluctantly) living in Cincinnati, OH.

Aside from the obvious,

I’m happiest when I’m sitting next to a lake or in the forest. Since that’s not always possible living in Ohio, I’ve become an aspiring Plant Lady.

Languages fascinate me. I speak Spanish and French, and dabble in freelance French to English translation.

Music feeds my soul. While I rarely get a chance to play my violin, I still feel a strong connection to it. There’s no such thing as silence in my house – we always have music in the background.

I always have a mug of coffee or tea nearby.

My IG tends to be equal parts knitting, plants, and dogs. I’d love to connect with you there!

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