Test Knitting

As a small indie knitwear designer, I simply could not publish patterns without the help of a group of people near and dear to my heart: my test knitters. I’ve been a test knitter in the past, so I know how big of a commitment it is. I very much appreciate the feedback I receive during the process and am so grateful for the time you put into testing my patterns.

Interested in learning how I run tests? Please read my Test Knitting FAQs. If you have additional questions, please let me know!

I unfortunately don’t have any patterns ready for testing right now.

Want to be notified by email for future test knits? Fill out the form below.

Please do read through the Testing Knitting FAQs for information on how I generally like to run my tests.

Privacy is important! Your email will only be used to notify you of available test knits. I do not send spam, newsletters, or promotional emails.

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