Test Knitting

As a small indie knitwear designer, I simply could not publish patterns without the help of a group of people near and dear to my heart: my test knitters. I’ve been a test knitter in the past, so I know how big of a commitment it is. I very much appreciate the feedback I receive during the process and am so grateful for the time you put into testing my patterns.

My test knits are run through my private Slack channel. You must be willing to create an account (it’s free!) if you don’t already have one.

This is what I usually ask of testers:

  • I appreciate semi-regular progress updates, even if just to say that you’ve been too busy to knit.
  • If using Ravlery, please create a project page created upon receipt of pattern, and link it to the pattern using the test code included in Slack.
  • If using Instagram, feel free to post progress photos.
  • Please do not post corrections to your project page; those should be communicated in Slack. Please do list all modifications on your project page.
  • Feedback on clarity and layout of the pattern. I would also appreciate feedback on its readability on various devices, printed, etc. My patterns are professionally tech edited prior to testing, so errors should be minimal.
  • At least two well-lit photographs of the finished object posted to either Instagram or the Ravelry page. While at least one modeled photo would be great, this is not required.
  • Completion of a brief survey (contains questions regarding your yarn/needles, modifications, clarity of pattern and how difficult you would rate it).

Testers always receive 1) a final copy of the pattern when published, and 2) a code for a free pattern of choice, redeemable either through Payhip or Ravelry.

Want to be notified by email for future test knits? Fill out the form below.

Privacy is important! Your email will only be used to notify you of available test knits. I do not send spam, newsletters, or promotional emails.

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