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Hi, and thanks for being here! I’m Kristin, and I design knitting patterns inspired by nature.

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Test Knitters

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Blackrocks Wrap

The Blackrocks Wrap was inspired by the pattern made by rivulets of water receding from the ancient rock formations found along the shores of Lake Superior. It features dense cables and is knit flat from one end to of the rectangle to the other. While the sample used a lightContinue reading “Blackrocks Wrap”

Woodlot Cowl

This light-weight, densely cabled cowl is perfect for the upcoming temperature swings. It’s the perfect size to tuck under a coat to keep the chilly air off your neck, but since it’s made with a light fingering weight yarn, you won’t get overheated. Knit in the round from the bottomContinue reading “Woodlot Cowl”


Oh, hello there. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Life has been more than a little crazy over the past year and, to be honest, I haven’t felt much like designing. Or knitting. Or much at all, really. All my energy was focused on just existing in this current worldContinue reading “Mindfulness”

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