Test Knitting FAQs

New to test knitting – or to test knitting my patterns? Here’s a bit about how I like to run my tests.

How do I find out about upcoming test knits?
For each test knit, I post a call on Instagram, Ravelry, and through an email list. The testing call will link back here to my website, where you’ll find pattern details like yarn, needles, techniques used, etc.
If you’d like to receive an email each time a new test is ready, you can sign up to be notified by filling out the form at the very bottom of the testing knitting page here on my website.

How are test knitters chosen?
Testers are generally accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, but if a certain size or instruction type fills up, I may close sign-ups for that particular size/instruction while still accepting testers for others.

Do I need experience testing knitting patterns?

Where do you run your test knits?
I have a private Slack channel that I use for test knits. This has the advantage of keeping the test private while still allowing for plenty of interaction between all participants. You’ll be able to download the pattern PDFs, ask questions, and find any errata on the Slack channel.
Feel free to chat and cheer each other on, too. My tests tend to be fairly relaxed.

Does it cost anything to use Slack?
Nope! It’s completely free.

What are the expectations?
Generally, I ask that test knitters do the following:

  • Check in via Slack semi-regularly (no one’s marking the calendar, but it’s nice to hear from you every few weeks, even your only update is “sorry, life’s been busy.”)
  • Provide feedback on the clarity and layout of the pattern
  • Complete a brief survey before the deadline (this usually contains questions concerning difficulty, type of yarn and needles used, total yarn used, finished size, and modifications)
  • Optional, but highly appreciated: Post at least two well-lit photos of the finished object, either on Instagram or Ravelry

Is Ravelry required?

Do I have to use a certain yarn?
Of course not! I love to have a variety of yarns represented and testers are encouraged to use whatever yarn they prefer.
I always specify the weight and fiber content used for the pattern sample. If it’s a project where gauge is important, I may insist that testers use a yarn that achieves the pattern gauge. However, for most of my patterns (especially shawls), gauge doesn’t matter much. In those cases, testers are welcome to use a different yarn weight and/or needle size if desired.

What if I need an extension?
My life (sadly) doesn’t revolve around knitting, and I absolutely understand that yours doesn’t revolve around testing my pattern! Life happens – people get sick, accidents or other unexpected events occur, sometimes your initial yarn choice isn’t quite what you’d hoped and it takes forever for your new yarn to arrive – and you might be delayed for any number of reasons. I understand! If you think you’ll need more time, all I ask is that you a) let me know as soon as you know, and b) keep an open line of communication with me.
The last thing I want is for a test knit to be stressful. I’m generally happy to be flexible with deadlines so long as feedback is provided before the deadline. If a deadline is fixed for any reason, I’ll always say so in the testing call.

How do I sign up?
On the test knitting page here on my website, there will be a simple form to fill out.

Do I get a final copy of the pattern?
Yep! All testers who submit their feedback will receive a final copy of the pattern after it’s published. This will be delivered either as a coupon code for a free copy of the pattern through my Payhip store or as a Ravelry gift.
In addition, after completing the test knit, testers receive an additional coupon code for one of my free self-published patterns, redeemable either through Payhip or Ravelry.

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