Just this past week, the world seems to have awoken – well, it has here in my little corner of southwest Ohio, anyway. Since moving here from northern Michigan, where spring was really a month of slush brought on by melting snow, I’ve truly grown to love this season. My favorite part of morning walks is seeing all the new bits of green growth that have popped up overnight.

Two purple hyacinth grow in front of a stone wall.
Purple hyacinth growing in front of a stone wall.

Yellow and white daffodils brighten the yard and the tulips are close to making their debut, but my favorite spring flower has undoubtedly become the hyacinth. The past week or so has been heavenly, with the warm, fresh spring breezes wafting the smell of hyacinth and cedar through open windows.

My fingers are itching to play in the dirt, but for the sake of any pollinators that may still be overwintering in dead leaves I’m waiting for our average temperatures to rise a bit before I clear the debris from our gardens. In the meantime, I’ve contented myself with admiring the tomatoes, basil, and jalapeños we started from seed:

We still have a while before these can be transplanted outside, but I’m already looking forward to this year’s harvest.

Another much-welcomed awakening: spring seems to have brought my desire to knit back with it, too. While I still haven’t felt much like pattern writing, I have been creating again. I’m working on a few projects featuring cables that I hope to share soon.

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Designing knitting patterns is a tangible way to express myself. Each pattern is a reflection of part of my soul and contains bits of my joy, sadness, fears, and hopes. My heart belongs on the shores of Lake Superior and most of my pattern designs are inspired by life "Up North."

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