Eyelet Mock Cable

Testing on my Frostfall shawl is just beginning and I can’t wait to share the pattern with everyone next month!

In the pattern, there are two stitch abbreviations that are quite similar and could be easily mixed up. To further add to the confusion, I’ve seen each abbreviation used interchangeably, depending on the source/pattern. I’m hoping that adding a tutorial on each of the stitches will help avoid any confusion or frustration.

Eyelet Mock Cable

Frostfall uses an eyelet mock cable to separate the lace edge and the textured body. The mock cable itself is worked over three stitches and is a four row repeat.

Row 1: SL1, K2, PSSO (slip one stitch purl-wise, knit two stitches, pass the slipped stitch over both knit stitches)

With yarn held in back, slip the first stitch purl-wise.

Knit the next two stitches.
Note: The red arrow is pointing to the first stitch (the one that was slipped) of the sequence.

Insert left needle tip into the stitch that was slipped.
Pull the slipped stitch over both knit stitches.
Let the slipped stitch fall off your needle.
You’ve decreased by one stitch.

Row 2: P1, YO, P1 (purl one stitch, yarn over, purl one stitch)

The red arrows are pointing to the two knit stitches that you passed the slipped stitch over.
1. Purl the first stitch.
2. Yarn over.
3. Purl the second stitch.
You will have increased by one stitch. You are now at the original stitch count (3).

Row 3: Knit the three stitches.

Row 4: Purl the three stitches.

Once you finish working Row 4, you’ve completed one repeat of the eyelet mock cable!

This is what a single repeat of the eyelet mock cable looks like.
This is the eyelet mock cable after several repeats.

There are a few more tutorials for techniques used in the Frostfall shawl pattern:

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Designing knitting patterns is a tangible way to express myself. Each pattern is a reflection of part of my soul and contains bits of my joy, sadness, fears, and hopes. My heart belongs on the shores of Lake Superior and most of my pattern designs are inspired by life "Up North."

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