What’s this, another knitting blog?

Well, yes and no. (Okay, if we’re being honest: yes, mostly.) There will definitely be knitting as I show off my current projects and upcoming designs, but you’ll also be seeing my dogs, some plants, house projects, and other random bits of my life. I might talk about music or show photos from back home. Chances are pretty good there will be thoughts about the world and its depressing state.

I’m still deciding exactly what I want this space to be, and I’m sure it will transform as I go. Perhaps it’s a curse of the chronically indecisive introvert, but I rather like the option of growing organically and without expectations as I learn to fill these pages.

So, why Lakebound Knits?

I grew up on the shores of Lake Superior, so having large bodies of fresh water nearby is very comforting and, as I’ve recently found, necessary for my mental health. While I currently live in southwest Ohio (sorry, but the Ohio River just doesn’t compare!), my heart constantly yearns for life on the big lake and I hope to move back someday soon. In the interim, my heart and soul are lakebound.

Published by lakeboundknits

Designing knitting patterns is a tangible way to express myself. Each pattern is a reflection of part of my soul and contains bits of my joy, sadness, fears, and hopes. My heart belongs on the shores of Lake Superior and most of my pattern designs are inspired by life "Up North."

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